“It’s our new record, we think it’s pretty good. We hope you’ll like it.” - Mikael Åkerfeldt

"Pretty good" is definitely a Swedish modesty and certainly not needed here. Watershed brings in more of the Opethian goodness as well as augmentation with the introduction of other new elements to the sound with two debutantes in the lineup. This is coupled with a distinct sense of fun to the proceedings – in one section, tuned arpeggios segue into detuned guitars, into Mikael cracking up, and then into a heavily processed laugh, leading into the next track - all a bit different to the more melodious and less playful transitions we’ve heard from the band before. Each piece seems to be more "intense" in the sense that it is almost "proggy" - increased use of dischords, seemless modulations, polyrhythms - but tastefully without being pretentious or in-your-face. The addition of Per to the lineup has more impact than the band’s previous outing, with extensive use of orchestrations, and an unabashed presence of Moogs throughout.

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On 23 July 2010